How to deliver affordable concrete precast steel framed buildings!
How to deliver affordable concrete precast steel framed buildings!

About Us

We are a supplier of the most automated steel frame production machinery.  Longer than that, we have developed building systems and operated Scandinavian's biggest prefab and related value-added construction company with project experiences in USA, Middle-East, Turkey, Africa, Central America and Russia, 


Our customers have requested for a solid wall system that would add value to their delivery.  STELLAR was developed meeting these requests -- yet it is so much more -- it is a Whole-House manufacturing and delivery system that makes it possible for a component manufacturer to become a General Contractor for multi-story buildings -- or Villas and townhouse projects -- or mixed-use projects.


On the other hand, it offers a lighter structural solution for conventional precast concrete suppliers.  STELLAR would make them capable in delivering well engineered buildings to earthquake prone regions in the world.


STELLAR is an entire new Business Opportunity -- offered by STELLAR partners with a long standing experience in the industry. is supporting all STELLAR customers.


Rosette Wall Line

Three operators on Rosette wall line produce 550 lineal meters of custom designed structural steel frame panels in eight hours from narrow strip coil.

Rosette Truss Line

Three operators on Rosette truss line produce one kilometer (1000 lineal meters) of custom designed structural trusses in eight hours from narrow strip coil.

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