How to deliver affordable concrete precast steel framed buildings!
How to deliver affordable concrete precast steel framed buildings!

Start with 500 apartment units per year and add capacity as the market requires.

STELLAR value-added chain:

Steel framing

A single STELLAR roll former covers in two-shift/260 days operation all the needs for up to 1 500 units per year (170 000 Bm2) for all alternative profile sections.  

Concrete work

Insulating concrete (500 kg/m3) mixer has an output of 13 m3/hour.  This is sufficient for 1 500 unit capacity per year -- in 260 days of operation.  Wall thickness is a variable based on U-values required. Calculated wall thickness used for max. consumption is 220 mm. 

Capacity can be added to the Battery Mold one Daylight at the time (Daylight is a space section between two Battery plates).  A 500 apartment unit STELLAR plant requires 12 Daylights and 1 500 unit plant should have 36 Daylights.  The Battery in a 1 500 unit plant is operated in a continuous 24 hour mode.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Calculation capacity of a single Daylight is 8.8 lineal meters of walls.  A 12 Daylight Battery Mold would have 12 x 8.8 m = 105.6 m total casting capacity per day.  Good production scheduling will increase to utilization efficiency of Daylight space.            

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