How to deliver affordable concrete precast steel framed buildings!
How to deliver affordable concrete precast steel framed buildings!

Apartment Delivery Capacity

A single STELLAR roll former covers all the production needs for up to 1 500 units (170 000 Bm2) per year (in 260 work days) steel framing and  including all various auxiliary profile sections.       

Battery Mold casting capacity can be added by Daylight at the time. A 500 apartment unit plant requires 12 Daylight Battery and 1 500 unit plant must have 36 Daylights available.  The Battery is operated in a continuous 24 hours mode.  In some countries the number of work days can be increased up to 330 -- and that makes it possible to target for 2 000 units capacity per year.

Calculation capacity of a single Daylight is 8.8 lineal meters of walls.  A 12 Daylight Battery Mold would have 12 x 8.8 m = 105.6 m total casting capacity per day.  Good production scheduling will increase to utilization efficiency of Daylight space.

This many casting Batteries are required for specific capacity of Apartment Units:

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