How to deliver affordable concrete precast steel framed buildings!
How to deliver affordable concrete precast steel framed buildings!

STELLAR's solid concrete walls 

Lots of installed value is delivered in STELLAR solution for Affordable Housing projects

Benefits of STELLAR wall system:

1) Concrete provides excellent fire protection


2) Concrete closes all cavities in the wall structure-- no hollow sounds


3) Wall is a solid concrete structure in lighter weight and the strength of steel


4) Wall provides a good thermal insulation and also thermomass


5) Walls are casted against flat molds producing both surfaces that are easy for        final coating, inside and out


6) Concrete makes cold formed steel sections stronger with continuous bracing


7) Walls install fast with bolted fitting at the building site for overall lower cost


8) Whole-House delivery and building system offers best solutions and economy

Whole-House Solution

STELLAR is a Whole-House solution because the plant can supply everything essential a building envelope and building super- structures would require.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              STELLAR offers a component solution where all steel framing members are formed on the same roll forming line and members are assembled to wall frames, floor joists and roof trusses in designated jig stations.                                                                                                                                                                                                         STELLAR is a precast solution because its exterior walls and selected load-bearing partition walls have structural steel frame embedded into insulating concrete. Concrete casting takes place in vertical position in high-volume, industrial Battery Molds. This method produces flat wall surfaces on both sides of the wall – that are easy to paint.                                  

Partition walls can be built steel framed and sheathed.  They can be load-bearing or non-load bearing and made to match local door frames.  STELLAR also has a heavy partition wall solution that is supported by integrated steel frame.  It uses modular, light-concrete, in-fill panels.                                                                                                                                              

Auxiliary sections, such as resilient channels (for ceiling), roof battens and furring channels are all formed on the same roll forming line.

A competitive building system delivers all structural components ready to be installed -- mainly bolt-fitted.  STELLAR builder installs lots of value very quickly.

Wall panels

Intermediate floors


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