How to deliver affordable concrete precast steel framed buildings!
How to deliver affordable concrete precast steel framed buildings!

Villa Delivery Capacity

A single STELLAR roll former covers all the production needs for up to 700 Villas steel framing (170 000 Bm2) per year (in 260 work days) and including all various, auxiliary profile sections.     



Good production planning can calculate net casting capability of 8.8 lineal meters per day for each Battery Daylight.  


Battery capacity can be added by a single Daylight at the time.



Calculation capacity of a single Daylight is 8.8 lineal meters of walls.  A 12 Daylight Battery Mold would have 12 x 8.8 m = 105.6 m total casting capacity per day.  Good production scheduling will increase to utilization efficiency of Daylight space. 

One Villa (224 Bm2) consumes 122 lineal meters of concrete casted panels when also the load bearing partitions are made with that same specification.  


1) Capacity of a 12 Daylight Battery is 105.6 lineal meters per day x 260 days = 27 500 lineal meters per year.   Each day 0.87 Villas are delivered and in total 226 Villas per year.


2) Capacity of a 24 Daylight Battery is 211 lineal meters per day x 260 days = 54 860 lineal meters per year.  Each day 1.74 Villas are delivered and 452 Villas per year.


3) Capacity of a 36 Daylight Battery is 317 lineal meters per day x 260 days = 82 420 lineal meters per year.  Each day 2.61 Villas are delivered and 678 Villas per year.

This many Batteries are required for specific output capacity of Villas per year:

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